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🦾 Auto-Quiz: Your Partner in Interactive Learning 🦾

Exploring New Frontiers in Your WordPress User Engagement

AI SEO tool available to everyone through ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

🎁 Start with 5 Free Quizs a Month 🎁

Yes, you read that right. You can start creating up to 5 quizs per month totally free. If you need more, you can easily acquire them.

Welcome to the future of interactive content creation for your WordPress site! With Auto-Quiz, you can enhance your website’s user engagement and SEO rankings effortlessly. Experience the power of AI to generate exciting quizzes automatically and witness a transformation in your website’s performance.

This quiz has been generated by AI-Quiz

Why Choose Auto-Quiz?

More than just a quiz generation tool, Auto-Quiz is your ally in boosting user engagement. Here are some reasons why you’ll love it:

Interactive Content Generation 💡

Every quiz Auto-Quiz creates is designed to captivate your audience. With engaging, relevant quizzes, your WordPress site will increase its dwell time, driving more traffic and users to your platform.

SEO-Optimized Quizzes 🚀

Every quiz that Auto-Quiz creates is designed with SEO in mind. By encouraging user interaction and social sharing, your WordPress site will rank higher in search engines, driving more traffic and visitors to your blog.

Cutting-Edge AI Technology 🧠

Auto-Quiz is powered by cutting-edge AI technology that intelligently generates quizzes relevant to your selected content or topics. This ensures your quizzes are always engaging and relevant to your audience.

Customizable Quiz Aesthetics 🎨

Want your quizzes to reflect your brand's identity? Auto-Quiz offers custom styling options, allowing you to align the aesthetics of your quizzes with your brand.

Auto-Quiz is a WordPress plugin that leverages Artificial Intelligence from OpenAI to:

How to install the Ai-Quiz WordPress SEO Plugin​

You will need to download the SEO Plugin for WordPress ZIP file. To install it you will only have to follow the following steps:

1- Log in to your WordPress administration panel.

2- Go to the WordPress Plugins page and click the Add New button. Then upload the .zip file you downloaded.

3- Click on “Install now” and then on “Activate”.

4- Now you can start creating content!

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Revolutionize Your User Engagement Today 🎉

Ready to uplift your user experience? Try Auto-Quiz today and experience how this groundbreaking tool can transform the way you engage your audience on your WordPress site.

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Yes, you can start with a free trial that allows you to create up to 5 quizzes per month. Need more? Upgrade your plan with just a single click.

You just need to select an existing post, PDF, webpage or a specific topic. From there, the plugin will generate an engaging, interactive quiz based on your input.

Absolutely! The quizzes created by Auto-Quiz are original and engaging, thanks to its advanced natural language processing technology.

The plugin is capable of generating quizzes in several languages.

You only need to insert an email and start creating content.

You have doubts? Leave us your question in this Chatbot